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The Mantram Handbook

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The Mantram Handbook

by Eknath Easwaran

All of us have the resources for dealing with life. But sometimes we can't get at them when we need them. - our mind just won't respond. It is boiling with anger, or caught up in destructive habit, or just playing old tapes we can't turn off.
In this book Eknath Easwaran hands us an ancient tool, in the West called a prayer word or Prayer of the Heart, and in the East a mantra or mantram. He gives us full instruction in how to choose and use a mantram to:

  • Thrive under stress
  • Beat depression
  • Harness negative emotions
  • Be reminded daily of a higher power within
  • Regain our natural energy, confidence and control

A mantram (or mantra) is a short, powerful spiritual formula or prayer word from the world’s great traditions, repeated silently in the mind, anytime, anywhere, to help us access our deeper resources in the midst of the challenges of daily life. Examples of mantrams are: Rama, Rama, used by Gandhi; My God and My All, used by St. Francis of Assisi; and the Buddhist Om mani padme hum.

Easwaran taught the use of the mantram for over forty years as part of his passage meditation program. He explains how to choose and use a mantram to focus our thoughts, replenish our energy, release creativity, and strengthen our relationships. He shows through stories and examples how the mantram can be a great support to parents and children, to colleagues at work, to couples in a relationship – even in illness or depression, and at the time of death.



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