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Yoga Link Shoulder Shape-Up DVD

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Our shoulders take a lot of slack! From daily stress to computer work to occasional heavy lifting, the shoulders can easily get weak and sore. Working out the kinks in those shoulders and building up the muscles will help to keep the upper body flexible, strong and relaxed. Joining the acclaimed yoga instructor Jill Miller for yoga class is a fun and refreshing way to do something good for yourself! She'll help you break through the weakness and congestion of the upper body and unlock new mobility and natural dexterity. Plus, carpal tunnel beware! The rare bonus workout for wrists and hands will help keep those important tools stress and blockage-free! The deep shoulder and upper back exercises on this DVD mobilize the shoulders from every angle, strengthen and rebalance weak muscles and work with the breath to eliminate strain and fatigue from the workout. A comprehensive program, this DVD has two workouts, a breathing workshop and a bonus section for true manual mobility! It also offers mp3s of the classes for audio-only practice. Highlights from this DVD include: Shoulder Workout - detailed exercise intruction (38 min.) Shoulder Practice - full routine for regular practice (43 min.) Breathing Primer - essential breathing techniques (15 min.) Bonus Exercises for the wrists and hands (16 min.) Jill Miller brings more than 23 years of fitness experience to her yoga instruction. Knowledgable in Modern Dance, Pilates, Bodytuning, Breathwork, Shiatsu, and Butoh, her teaching integrates all the fundamentals of body movement with the profound and conscious practice of yoga.