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The Yamas and Niyamas Book

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Deborah Adele animates and enlivens the ten ethical precepts of yoga in her reflective and accessible book. She says, "I often think of [the Yamas & Niyamas] as jewels, because they are the rare gems of wisdom that give direction to a well-lived and joyful life." Discussing topics such as balance, surrender and gratitude, this book gives solid guidance with the gentle authority of experience. Adele shares important reflections while speaking intimately and using personal tales from her life.The result is a thoroughly modern and accessible take on these ancient guidelines. Comprising the first two limbs of Yoga's eight-fold path, an understanding of the Yamas and Niyamas is central to the path of yoga and Adele guides the way. The Yamas include: Ahimsa ~ Nonviolence Satya ~ Truthfulness Asteya ~ Nonstealing Brahmacharya ~ Nonexcess Aparigraha ~ Nonpossessiveness And the Niyamas include: Saucha ~ Purity Santosha ~ Contentment Tapas ~ Self-discipline Svadhyaya ~ Self-study Ishvara Pranidhana ~ Surrender High Praise for The Yamas and Niyamas: "Beyond moral precepts, the yamas and niyamas are guidelines for living a healthy life. With the voice of a storyteller, Deborah Adele brings this ancient wisdom to light with modern tales common to us all. This is the behavior we need for a sustainable world." - Anodea Judith, PhD. Author of Eastern Body-Western Mind