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Science of Breath Book

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Swami Rama confounded Western science in the 1970s by proving in laboratories that he could achieve voluntary control over processes normally considered "involuntary", such as brain and heart waves. An important part of managing such feats was his control of breath. In Science of Breath. Swami Rama teams up with two Western physicians to explain thoroughly the mechanisms of breathing and of how their control can help one achieve beneficial and lasting effects on the state of the body and elevation of consciousness. For teachers and students of breath and awareness, this book is a fascinating resource with a wealth of concrete information as well as practical guidance on breathing techniques. The in-depth study of the anatomy and physiology of breathing gives great insight into how it all works and helps us to understand the integration of breathing in the body system. This information, tied in with a masterful exposition on pranayama, gives us a solid understanding of the importance, function and mastery of the breath, and exercises that we can use to begin right away exploring higher awareness and keys to physical health. The founder of the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA, Swami Rama is an authentic lineage holder of India and Tibet's ancient yogas. From an early age he was raised in the Himalayan mountains by his master Bengali Baba, and, under the guidance of his master, traveled from temple to temple to study with a variety of Himalayan saints and sages, including his grandmaster, who was living in a remote region of Tibet. After many years of strict practice, his teacher sent him to the west where he confounded western science with his extraoridnary ability to control his physical functions. His words represent the authentic teachings of his Himalayan lineages. Rudolf Ballentine, M.D., is a respected leader in the field of aternative and complenetray medinie. A physician and pyschiatrist, he studied medicine, ayurvedan and homeopathy. Alan Hynes M.D., is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon. A pioneer in the field of breath research, he has studied the interrelationship between breathing patterns and cardiovascular disease.