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Journey Into Power Book

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Baron Baptiste is one of the earliest proponents of power yoga in the west and his unique, physically challenging style has thousands of adherents throughout the US and the world. He makes big claims for his program: that you will gain a strong lean body, laserlike mental clarity and focus, easy release of beliefs and habits that hold you back and an inner oasis of calm and composure which will make it possible for you to live authentically every day of your life. Many, many stars and athletes like Helen Hunt, Elisabeth Shue, Randall Cunningham and Bill Romanowski and many more regular people all swear by this practice. In this book Baptiste lays out the history and philosophy behind his method, before giving us details on the 57 poses and vinyasa style of practice he advocates. Included are tips for healthy natural eating, daily meditation and how to carry your practice into your life. In this book this inspirational teacher gives you all the tools and encouragement you need to transform your life with power yoga. Baron Baptiste began to study yoga seriously at age 12 and trained extensively in all the major traditions before creating Baptiste Power Yoga in the mid eighties. He has trained numerous celebrities and athletes and has established successful yoga studios all while maintaining a full schedule of his signature Yoga Bootcamps and workshops throughout the US and the World.