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Vinyasa Krama Book

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Matthew Sweeney's first book, Ashtanga Yoga As It Is , is much in demand as it is the first resource that fully detailed the primary, intermediate and advanced A & B series of Astanga Yoga. Now in Vinyasa Krama Matthew takes us beyond the traditional Ashtanga forms to create exciting new series that compliment and enhance the practice. Following Matthew's instruction's you can experience the ancient method of Yoga retold in these five new flowing Vinyasa Series. They are called the Moon Sequence, the Lion Sequence, the Bound Sequence, the Flying Sequence and the Fifth Sequence. Each series emphasizes different aspects of the body and mind to create an overall Yoga program for any level of ability. They progress through basic, intermediate and advanced asana. The first two series are a great introduction to Yoga for the beginner and the later series offer inspiring possibilities for the experienced practitioner. Alternatives are provided for each of the sequences with practical and safe guidance for adapting to many individual difficulties and injuries. Each of the sequences is linked to specific breathing and meditation techniques which are accessible and safe for all levels. In addition this book provides a comprehensive visual asana library displaying over 850 individual postures. Vinyasa Krama is an extensive one of a kind resource for teachers and students of any Yoga tradition. Matthew Sweeney is a Yoga teacher who has studied Zen Shiatsu, Oki-do, and Iyengar yoga styles before settling into his Ashtanga practice. Since 1996 he has been teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and developing his own unique sequences that are very accessible and healing. Matthew's work is informed by 20 years of self inquiry, including different styles of Meditation, a number of Vipassana 10 day courses, Tantra workshops, Gestalt Therapy, Transpersonal Therapy and Transforming Cellular Memory. In 2015 Matthew and his partner Lauren opened their Bali retreat center. Many of his courses will now be based there, including 3 months of ongoing courses each year and teacher training every second year. Matthew also travels and teaches Yoga workshops in Australia, Asia, North America and Europe and conducts Yoga Programs in other unique locations as well.