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The Bhagavad Gita CD

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For the dedicated yogi svadhyaya or self study is an important foundation for spiritual growth. Study of the scriptures makes it possible for us to contemplate great truths and apply them to our own situations. The Bhagavad Gita is a fantastic text to immerse in and learn and this audio version is a delightful way to contemplate the great truths found within it and within ourselves. Juan Mascaro's translation is compelling and it's retelling on this two CD set is inspirational. Complete with different actors taking on the roles of Krishna, Arjuna and others and music selected to enhance the passages this audio offering is powerful and uplifting. The accompanying 20 page booklet has some interesting information on the Gita and translator Juan Mascaro and a summary of each chapter of the Gita. For those who may want the full written version as well, we offer this CD as a set with the Penguin Classic edition of Mascaro's translation. Tracks Disc: 1 1. The Battlefield, Field of Truth (Ch1) 2. We All Shall Be for All Time (Ch2) 3. Perform thy Task in Life (Ch3) 4. The Truth of Pure Work (Ch4) 5. Risiing Above the Two Contraries (Ch5) 6. The Greatest of All Yogis (Ch6) 7. I Am OM (Ch7) 8. An Ever-Living Love (Ch8) 9. The Supreme Mystery (Ch9) Disc: 2 1. I Know That I AM (Ch10) 2. Reveal Thyself to Me! (Ch11) 3. The Best Yogis (Ch12) 4. This Body is Called the Field (Ch13) 5. Sattva, Rajas, Tamas (Ch14) 6. Spirit Supreme (Ch15) 7. Freedom from Fear, Purity of Heart (Ch16) 8. Three Kinds of Faith, Three Kinds of Food (Ch17) 9. I Remember My Light! (Ch18)