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Chakra Illumination CD

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David Ison, after temporarily losing his ability to walk, has created a music based meditation system to realign the body's energy with the spirit energy found in the chakras. He designed this system while in the hospital, and learned to use the harmonics of the chakras to help heal his body and regain his ability to walk. The healing essences contained in the tones of each of the chakras are said to help heal anything the listener chooses to focus on, from physical injuries and sickness to mental, emotional, and spiritual areas in need of healing. The Chakra Illumination CD set includes two CDs of guided meditation and sound healing, running at approximately one hour each. David Ison speaks of his philosophy and experience on CD one, and offers an introduction on the kind of breath and focus needed to do the healing practice most effectively. CD two includes two half-hour long meditations, or 'harmonizers' as Ison calls them; trance like harmonic sessions which offer the listener a music based path to the highest self. CD One: The Transformative Power of Music Track 1: A musical journey to your truest essence 0:28 Track 2: The resonance theory 17:22 Track 3: The essences within the chakras 5:53 Track 4: Unlocking the harmonizers 18:02 Track 5: How to use this program 4:06 Track 6: Learning to choose and receive 12:22 CD Two: Harmonizers Track 1: Level one harmonizer 27:54 Track 2: Level two harmonizer 30:12