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The Chakra System CD

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What exactly does it feel like when a chakra is deficient, excessive or blocked? Can early childhood experiences affect energetic patterns that guide your physical health, your ability to love and be loved, and your sense of confidence as an adult? What are the most effective techniques to work with these energies for optimum physical, emotional and spiritual wellness? These questions and many more are addressed in the 12 sessions of personal one-on-one guidance offered on these 6 cds lasting 8 hours and the accompanying 29 page study guide. This offering is the condensed wisdom of chakra master Anodea Judith's acclaimed 9 month chakra intensives. Some highlights include: • The spiritual principles and physiological influences of the chakras explained. • How your chakras correlate with the stages of childhood development. • Exercises to nourish deficient chakras and balance excessive ones. • Color, imagery, diet and other traditional methods to work with your chakras. • The chakra balancing sequence: a complete 90 minute practice of energizing postures and exercises. • Clearing sexual problems and emotional instability centered in the second chakra. • How to use your body's energies to cultivate higher wisdom. • Simple, everyday changes you can make in your life to support your chakra energies. This comprehensive program can help you to liberate your spirit, manifest your dreams and find your divine nature in the temple of your body, through specific teachings, yoga practices, and visualizations centered on integrating your physical, mental and spiritiual systems. Anodea Judith, Ph.D., is one of the foremost experts on the therapuetic use of the chakra system. She holds a masters degree in clinical psychology and a doctorate in health and human services, specializing in mind-body healing. She is the author of the best selling: Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind among other books. Her other items offered on this site are Chakra Balancing Kit and The Beginner's Guide to the Chakras.