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Yoga Breathing CD

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Richard Freeman's approach to Yoga Breathing is at once simple and profound. Most of the breathing is natural, the control is in the focus of the mind, in paying attention to what is happening as you breathe. In doing so Freeman claims that we can get back to the original meaning of pranayama, namely "to release life energy from its bounds." When practiced correctly, this powerful form of yogic breathwork has the ability to reveal the intricate web of your thoughts, physiology, and energetic patterns "to quiet your mind and heighten receptivity" and to open you to "the intrinsic radiance of being." Highlights of this program include: - How to identify and observe your "internal breath" - Breathwork to tap into your body's central energetic axis - Ujjayi breathing to free prana (your life energy) - Specific guidance for lying and seated pranayama - Instruction for proper practice of the three locks, Mula, Uddiyana and Jalandara Bandha. Every breath you take, teaches Freeman, "can serve as a guiding thread into the depths of yoga " a place of freedom and immediacy of awareness that begins on the practice mat and gradually extends into each moment of your life. Yoga Breathing distills the secrets of this essential inner work into two complete home practice sessions designed to guide you, breath by breath, to greater vitality and health. Richard Freeman is the director of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. As a student of yoga for close to 40 years he has studied at the feet of masters for more than nine years in Asia. As a long time student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Freeman has become a recognized and popular instructor of Ashtanga Yoga.