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Weaving A Life of Beauty CD

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This inspiring CD is a collection of talks by Anusara Yoga's founder, John Friend. In it, he touches on some of the most fundamental concepts of Shiva-Shakti Tantra, the philosophical foundation of Anusara yoga. The basic idea that he communicates is to live life in a way that allows us to grow and expand and to seek out a view of life as beautiful and full of possibility. Both a scholar and yogi, he has great expertise in the subject that allows his passion and knowledge to come through in his talks. This CD also comes with a booklet that offers illustrations and definitions to support the topics that John Friend discusses. This gives even more value to this CD as a study aid and a tool for understanding the great concepts of Yoga-tantra and Anusara Yoga. Tracks listed below. Tracks 1. The King and the Servant Girl 2. What is Shri/Shakti/Beauty? 3. Iccha, Jnana, Kriya 4. Tantric Triad of Goddeses: Kali, Saraswati, Lakshmi/Shri 5. The Waves and Cycles of Creative Expressions 6. Align with the Divine:Fundamentals of Anusara Yoga’s Shiva/Shakti Tantra 7. What is Right Action? What Enhances The Beauty of Life? 8. Attuning to the Pulsation of Life; Aligning with the Beauty of the Divine 9. Jnana (Knowledge) and Vijnana (Wisdom); The Beauty of Truth (Satya) 10. Looking for the Good, the Beauty, the Shri 11. How do we Express Beauty in The Face of Ugliness