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Samay Chakra CD

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This album is a wonderful accompaniment to life in all its richness. Kala Ramnath’s virtuoso violin work and Ty Burhoe’s steady rhythms make these classical Indian ragas come alive in moving and uplifting ways. The title the work, Samay Chakra, refers to the Indian time cycle wherein the twenty-four hours of the day is divided into eight periods which reflect eight different moods, or eight distinguishable modes of being. Each three-hour period of the day is refered to as a Prahar, and Indian music revolves around this basic time structure. Indian classical music prescribes a raga to be listened to or performed during each individual Prahar to give aesthetic recognition to the unique energy of that period of the day or night. In Samay Chakra, Kala Ramnath presents eight ragas which correspond to the eight Prahars. Kala Ramnath stands today amongst the most outstanding instrumental musicians in the North Indian classical genre. Ramnath began playing the violin at age three, and subsequently put herself under the training of Mewati vocal maestro, Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj. Kala Ramnath has a rare vocal emotionalism to her art. Her violin playing is characterized by an immaculate bowing and playing technique brought about by the dexterous use of her fingers, command over all aspects of rhythm, richness and clarity in pitch and tone. She has taken this instrument so close to vocal music that today her violin is called the Singing Violin. Tabla player Ty Burhoe has been a disciple of the great tabla maestro, Ustad Zakir Hussain since 1990. He has been wholly dedicated to music as a career and spiritual path. Ty is known for his inspired accompaniment and uplifting prescence in both classical and fusion settings. The eight Ragas on this recording are presented in the following order: Nat Bhairav Devgirl Bilawal Lankadahan Sarang Multani Yaman Malkauns Darbari Bhairavi High Praise for Kala Ramnath: "Samay Chakra, the latest CD of violin virtuoso Kala Ramnath with Ty Burhoe on tabla is a true gem. The idea to showcase in one CD eight different ragas of the classical music of northern India, each one corresponding to the mood and feel of the eight periods of the day and night, is brilliant and the execution is excellent. Each track is like a full concert in ten minutes or less, where each Raga is developed with a beauty and conciseness that will surely please both the connoisseur and casual listener alike. Kala's violin playing is fascinating and Ty Burhoe's accompanies her with his characteristic melodic expression on the tabla. Each track highlights a different rhythm cycle exposing the listener to the width and depth of the musical tradition of India. If you play this CD at different times of the day, don't be surprised if you find yourself picking a new favorite track each time. This is a great debut for the first Tala Records CD dedicated to the classical music of India. Bravo!" ~ Camillo Scherer