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Vini Yoga Therapy for Anxiety DVD

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This yogic DVD for Anxiety offers time-tested strategies to address the physiological, emotional, and behavioral symptoms brought on by anxiety of all types. Well-known yoga therapist Gary Kraftsow has created a program of excercise, meditation, and learning to bring the full restorative benefits of yoga to you. Whether you suffer from situational anxiety, long-term psychological debilitation, or even clinical psychiatric anxiety, this program can be effective. The DVD offers two 45-minute yoga and meditation sessions which target the physical and mental aspects of anxiety. Kraftsow's hour-long, in-depth talk on the psychological structure surrounding anxiety offers an enlightened understanding which will support your physical practice in a new way. This DVD takes a therapeutic and multifaceted approach to reaching a calm and balanced state of living. Gary Kraftsow’s pioneering work has helped thousands of people to introduce health and balance into their lives. His guidance and perspective is now easily available through his new set of ViniYoga Therapy DVDs, ViniYoga Therapy for Anxiety and ViniYoga Therapy for Depression. These DVDs offer many tools to support your process of healing. Gary Kraftsow, MA has been a pioneer and leader in the transmission of Yoga for health, healing and personal transformation for nearly 40 years. He is the founder and director of the American Viniyoga Institute and is the author of two books also found on this site.