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Yoga for Health the Iyengar Way DVD

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Renowned Iyengar teacher, Father Joseph Pereira of Mumbai, India, leads this instructional DVD of restorative asana with focus on specific health issues. He guides the viewer through five distinct series of poses. These postures offer the vital healing necessary to overcome addictive behaviors, immune deficiency, heart and lung ailments, back pain, and stress. The poses are taught and demonstrated by two instructors from the Yoga Studio College of Canada while narrated by Pereira, who offers insight on how pranic energy flows through each pose and helps address the health concern at hand. The goal of using restorative yoga for healing is to bring about a sense of well being in the whole person, beyond the body and mind. While the classical postures work on and address the central nervous system, restorative yoga leads the practitioner from the periphery to the center, beginning with the sympathetic nervous system, through the autonomic nervous system, and back into the central nervous system. This still, quiet practice is accessible to the novice, beginner, and those challenged by physical limitations. The DVD provides a meditative atmosphere with the measured, comforting voice of a yogic healer to guide the viewer. Sanskrit names for each asana with translation are provided, along with modifications and recommended use of props. Since props play such a large role in the restorative yoga taught on this DVD, we've included a complete list of the required items after the buy button. Joseph Pereira of Mumbai, India is a senior certified Iyengar teacher and director of Kripa Charity Foundation. Father Joseph has successfully introduced the Iyengar healing model to wellness centers around the world. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this DVD go to the Kripa West Charity.