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Yoga Link Core Integration DVD

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Have you tapped your core potential? In this DVD, acclaimed instructor Jill Miller helps you do just that in the physical, emotional and spiritual sense by unleashing the potential trapped in this important cross-section of the body. Through deep abdominal exercises, you can strengthen yourself from the inside out, penetrating deep muscle tissue, awakening sluggish organs, stretching scar tissue and cultivating vibrancy throughout your nervous system. The bonus exercises give you a chance to learn traditional methods of awakening the innder fire of your core energy centers. Highlights from this DVD include: Core Workshop - detailed pose intruction (71 min.) Core Practice - a full routine for regular practice (57 min.) Breathing Primer - essential breathing techniques (15 min.) Bonus exercises on Agni Sara and Spinal Undulation (16 min.) Jill Miller brings more than 23 years of fitness experience to her yoga instruciton. Knowledgable in Modern Dance, Pilates, Bodytuning, Breathwork, Shiatsu, and Butoh, her teaching integrates all the fundamentals of body movement with the profound and conscious practice of yoga. High Praise for Yoga Link: Core Integration: "Jill's focus on the core is deep and intense. She makes it possible to understand and connect to how the core works as stabilizer for the spine and as conduit for movement. I particurly like how she uses bridge to sync with uddiyana bandha and offer a progression toward nauli -- side boat is also innovative. The instruction is terrific, as is Jill's own execution. Jill is very direct and down to earth (and funny). Her language is refreshingly concrete, rather than poetic. And, best of all, she's not chirpy!" - Sharon Frost, Brooklyn, NY