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Insight Yoga: Earth DVD

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Earth: Balancing Yin Energies with Sarah Powers is a journey into the lower energies of the body. Working with grounding exercises and meditation we can stabilize our visceral energy centers and balance the Yin aspects of our selves. As part of the Heaven and Earth 2 DVD set, the Earth DVD focuses on the foundational principles, or feminine energies, which are major elements in learning to be even and at ease in life and practice. Being grounded in your core is essential to wholeness. This series of practices helps you to cultivate these qualities of inner feminine, or Yin energies. Sarah Powers offers a unique inter-disciplinary approach that blends the insights and practices of yoga with Buddhist mindfulness and meditation. As a result, her teaching interweaves many disciplines into a single integral practice. Earth DVD Overview • Practice 1: Grounding Down: promotes groundedness and frees stagnation (55 min) • Practice 2: Spiraling Chi: increases circulation in spine and abdomen (31 min) • Shamata Meditation: breath-focused attention to increase ease of being (20 min) • Vipassana Meditation: disengages mental reactivity and develops insight (18 min) Special features: • English Subtitle option for all material • Bonus MP3s for portable practice Also check out the companion DVD: Insight Yoga: Heaven DVD