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Anusara Yoga Grand Gathering DVD

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For those who really want to experience a John Friend Anusara class without going to wherever John is teaching today, this is a great resource. There are 3 wonderful two hour classes (day one is a bit shorter and gentler) and lots of addtional material, which will leave you knowing much about John Friend and the loving tradition he has founded. The classes are long and the poses are often called by their Sanskrit names, so beginners might find this series intimidating, however, dedicated beginners and any other practitioners will find much to enjoy in this package. There are some partner poses in days 2 and 3, particularly in the warm ups, so be prepared to modify a bit if practicing alone. Below is a listing of what can be found on this 3 DVD set with approximate times.. DISC 1 Welcome Gathering (25m) Interview with John Friend (48m) Master Class Day 1 *Play All (1 hour, 54 minutes) *Introduction (6m) *Opening Invocation (11m) *Warming Up (20m) *Balancing (16m) *Backbends, Hip Openers, Twists (26m) *Forward Bends, Supine Poses (24m) *Ending Kirtan with Shantala (11m) DISC 2 Master Class Day 2 *Play All (2 hours, 22 minutes) *Introduction and Invocation (34m) *Warming Up (15m) *Standing Sequence (20m) *Balancing (24m) *Backbends, Hip Openers, and Stretches (36m) *Forward Bends (20m) *Ending Kirtan with Shantala (10m) DISC 3 Master Class Day 3 *Play All (2 hours, 43 minutes) *Introduction and Invocation (23m) *Warming Up (22m) *Standing Sequence (27m) *Twists and Hand Balances (14.5m) *Backbends (48m) *Forward Bends (8m) *Ending Kirtan with Shantala (21m)