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21 Day Challenge DVD

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Yoga Journal's 21 Day challenge four-DVD set offers diverse excercise routines with a variety of experienced yoga teachers. Each workout in this 21-day program is lead by a professional Yoga Journal teacher and demonstrated simultaneously by a model. The workouts integrate a multitude of yogic styles into a tailored workout program to last you all month. The first week of the program includes more beginning poses and basic vinyasas, while the following weeks gradually build up to a more challenging workout routine. By the end of this 21-day journey, the Yoga Journal teachers will have you in some impressive poses like Hanumanasana, Wheel Pose and more, equipped with the background and tools to help you get there. Teachers Kate Holcolme, Elise Lorimer, Jason Crandell, and Rebecca Urban take you through a three week intensive that you can follow in your own home at your own speed. The program is easy to follow, and included along with the DVD is a schedule that you can keep in a visible place in your home, assigning you to one workout per day. At the end of the 21-day program, your asana can improve and expand noticeably, making it easy to carry on a regular yoga practice of your own. The complete running time of this four-DVD set is 300 minutes.