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The Yoga of Breath Book

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The Yoga of Breath by Richard Rosen is a wonderful Iyengar inspired introduction to the breathing exercises most often practiced. This time tested approach to pranayama will be appreciated by anyone hoping to establish a regular home practice routine. Since yoga is an integrated practice much time in the book is spent on tips for postures, especially relaxation poses and sensing the internal organs. Iyengar yoga places a strong emphasis on slowing down and having your mind stay focussed on the body during practice. This book embodies that philosophy, going into details of practice in many, many aspects like the quality of your breath, how your breath effects the rest of your body, what props might be useful to enhance your breathing and so on. To erect a strong building one must create a solid foundation to build upon. This book will help you to create that foundation for your breathing practice and it will introduce you to the pranayama that will be a great base for further practices down the road. High Praise for The Yoga of Breath: "Richard Rosen has written a beautiful and substantial work on pranayama. It is at once modern and classical. Brilliantly engaging and accessible, it is a guide to practice that can become a companion for life. I recommend it unequivocally to students and teachers alike." - Patricia Walden, cofounder of the B. K. S. Iyengar Yoga Studio "Richard Rosen acts as our pranayama tour guide by honestly sharing his own travels, both inward and outward. And he has done it the way all great teachers do: He points to the map and then makes sure we go on our own journey and don't just keep looking at his finger. The Yoga of Breath shows us how to find time, how to work with our mind, cultivate patience, experience more spaciousness, and be playful—all that by breathing in and breathing out. I'm inspired!" - Cyndi Lee, director of the Om Yoga Center