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Insight Yoga Book

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Sarah Powers began investigating the intersection of yoga and the Taoist concept of yin and yang after a spinal injury left her with lower back pain, unable to perform certain poses. She started to incorporate the traditional Chinese concept of meridians - paths that chi takes through the body - as well as gentler yin qualities into her practice of yoga and noticed dramatic improvements in her physical and psychological health. You can gain similar benefits and this book shows you how. Insight Yoga: Meridians and Support, is a clinical guide filled with specific yin yoga sequences to strengthen the health of your physical and subtle bodies. Powers provides a very detailed, prescriptive map of her inter-disciplinary approach. At the core of the book are five posture sequences, one for each of the major meridians: kidney/urinary bladder, liver/gallbladder, spleen/stomach, lungs/large intestine and heart/small intestine. She also covers pranayama techniques and a sequence of yang postures to balance the yin energies. Powers has assembled a powerful set of tools for deep mind-body integration and healing. For anyone who has experienced the benefits of acupuncture or other traditional Chinese treatments, the blend of yogic and Taoist schools of thought is a natural progression and for anyone who hasn't, this is a wonderful, clearly laid-out introduction. A yoga teacher since 1987, Powers' Yin approach bears the influences of Viniyoga, Ashtanga, and Iyengar teachings. She leads retreats around the world and, with her husband Ty Powers, founded the Insight Yoga Institute which will offer its first teacher trainings in 2010. High Praise for Insight Yoga: “Sarah Powers brings us a truly brilliant integration of yin and yang yoga, mindfulness, Buddhist philosophy and psychology, and the genius of traditional Chinese medicine. This book belongs in the library of every serious practitioner of yoga and meditation.”—Stephen Cope, Director of the Kripalu Institute

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