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Anusara Teacher Training Manual Book

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Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Manual

The newly revised thirteenth edition of the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Manual is here! This spiral bound book lays flat for convenient use in the studio and covers both the practical skills needed to teach Anusara yoga and an overview of non-dual Tantric yoga philosophy.
Anusara Yoga has reached world-wide popularity and the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training makes it more accessible to aspiring yoga teachers and their students. This guide is the definitive book for Anusara Yoga Teacher Training, and has been used in hundreds of Anusara teacher training courses worldwide. The Anusara Teacher Training course stands as a highly respected and extensive program in the field of yoga. Indeed, the Anusara school of yoga has become one of the most popular schools of Hatha yoga since its foundation in 1997. Anusara Yoga has a central focus on heart-opening postures and a code of ethics which supports the practice of heart-centered living. Anusara Yoga has categorized the practice of Anusara into the ‘three A’s’: Attitude, Alignment, and Action. In the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Manual, you will have the opportunity to study these concepts laid out in a clear format, as well as how their practice leads to a fully heart-centered experience of Anusara yoga in this inexhaustible textbook. 

Some of the numerous topics covered in this edition of the manual include:

  • The Art and Skill of Teaching Yoga
  • Preparing to Teach
  • Teaching a Pose
  • Attitude and Presence of the Teacher
  • The Science and Technique of Anusara Yoga
  • The 3 A's: Attitude, Alignment, Action
  • Universal Principles of Alignment™
  • The Breath
  • General Principles of the Poses
  • Fundamentals of Practice
  • Health Concerns
  • Basic Principles of Sequencing, Course Curriculum and Class Composition, and Meditation

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