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Kripalu Yoga Book

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Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health is North America's largest yoga retreat center, introducing more than 25,000 guests a year to its gentle yet in-depth approach, which emphasizes individual growth over outward perfection of form. This focus makes Kripalu Yoga accessible to people of all ages, fitness levels and body types. The center is a welcoming, warm and nourishing place and now this book brings the benefits of Kripalu Yoga to everyone. In this strikingly clear and comprehensive guide, Kripalu's senior teacher's present everything you need to know to reap the rewards of yoga practice. Beginning with step-by-step "experiences" that teach essential body and breath awareness, Kripalu Yoga features two complete, safe and fully illustrated routines for beginning and intermediate students, including Kripalu's easy to follow "press point" instructions for correct alignment in each pose. For advanced students there is a broad menu of additional poses to increase strength, flexibility, and challenge. Kripalu Yoga also teaches the awareness and energy techniques that make yoga a potent catalyst for physical healing, psychological growth and spiritual awakening. Here are specific ways to overcome physical limitations, develop a diet and lifestyle based on your own body wisdom and discover how deep concentration and relaxation can transform your experience of daily life. Personally, I have strong ties to Kripalu, having gone there for rest and relaxation retreats and to study various aspects of yoga on numerous occasions. My sister took her teacher training there and I have taken and enjoyed classes with many Kripalu trained instructors. My warehouse is not far from Kripalu and we often have visitors stopping in on their way to the center. It is a gentle and vibrant tradition and this book is a wonderful introduction to it.