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Cool Yoga Tricks Book

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Cool Yoga Tricks by Miriam Austin, is exactly what the name implies. It is full of great ways to work on postures that may be difficult for you and improve postures you may already like. When I was looking for couples yoga poses for a special private class for a couple on their wedding anniversary I found a number of fun, interesting ways for couples to aid each other in working on their poses. I also discovered that Miriam Austin's detailed Iyengar style instructions on doing the poses are very helpful in finding ways to improve form and get more out of the postures I regularly practice and teach. Plus this book is chock full of modifications of poses for people who are not yet ready to master the full poses but want to experience them and reap the benefits. Areas of special focus in the book include, downward dog, back bends, standing postures, inversions, twists, seated postures, sun salutations, plus a special section on things to do to improve conditions like head, stomach and back aches, sciatica and more. For anyone who is looking for a way to enliven and expand their practice and to find special ways to accomodate particular deficiencies this book is a super resource. Miriam Austin has been involved with yoga for over 20 years and is a dedicated student of BKS Iyengar. She is the author of numerous books on yoga and meditation.