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Elevator Pose Cards

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Our Specialty and passion is teaching yoga to kids and teens. The Grounded program is a methodology used to enable and certify students of all ages, including adults, to not only learn yoga but to teach it as well. Using the principles and practices found in the Anusara school of Hatha yoga, Grounded is program that inspires individuals to ground themselves in order to elevate their lives and the lives of others around them. We have created a variety of programs, classes and  workshops for every age that will help participants create a firm foundation for life.

The Grounded program is centered around a series of specific poses rich and detailed in technique yet presented in wholesome light and humorous manner so that even the most hesitant will become grounded and embrace the enlightening and elevating aspects of yoga. Utilizing tools such as our Elevator Series pose cards(awesomely illustrated by one of our own Grounded students), participants in the program will embark on an elevator ride through a series of 84 poses with each card complete with hand drawn illustration and detailed instructions and benefits of each pose. Through this a series of poses can be assembled to create signature lesson plans such as Charlie and the Chakra Factory, Wizard of Om, and Snow White and the Seven Posers.