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Kundalini Yoga Book

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This is perhaps the best introduction to Kundalini Yoga available. While being light hearted and easy to read it gives full and complete instructions on many different aspects of the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Contained here you will find philosophy, physical exercises, breathing techniques, mantras, kriyas, cooking tips and recipes, poetry and graphics that all make it fun to dive into this multifaceted tradition. If you want to craft a personal practice for 20 minute or two hours the many ideas and practices shared in this incredible book will give you everything you need. Yoga for relaxation, mental and physical health, spiritual growth; it is all here. And it is all imparted as if from a dear friend. While some of the advice not pertaining to practice my seem a bit old fashioned, especially regarding the role of women and male/female relations, the practices are sound and the advice meant in a good natured way from a woman brought up in a different time and culture. As with all yoga texts, you must check everything against your own inner knowing. When you do, I'm sure you will find this book a rare treasure and boon to your well being. Shakti Parwa Kaur Khalsa was the first woman to study with Yogi Bhajan in the United States. Shakti has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for over 30 years and was ordained a minister in the Sikh Dharma in 1974.