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Kundalini Tantra Book

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Before Kundalini begins to stir in the yoga practitioner, it is very important to have a thoroughly comprehensible guide from an experienced master. Swami Satyananda Saraswati has gone through the many stages of the beautiful and complex journey through the chakras and offers genuine insights to help the yoga practitioner to understand the Kundalini, how to harness it, and how to keep it evolving upwards through the energy centers. The descriptions and practices can help one to identify and understand the energy, and if one has begun to awaken its ineffable power, this book is an indispensable and rare companion that can offer solid guidance from the inside. I first read this book in Varanasi, India and felt that, like the Ganges, it contained the essence of the energy of which it spoke. I have ever since referred to it many times for its thorough descriptions on the chakras, which are complex and difficult to portray. Swami Satyananda writes from experience, not just scholarly study. He is one of the few realized yogis to write accessible manuals for yogic practice and this one is indispensable. High Praise for Kundalini Tantra "A great book for those who: are determined to gain self-enlightenment from kriya yoga and have had the hatha/concentration training; hatha yogis who want to move beyond the body; and those who simply are intensely curious about kriya yoga and its technical details." - Mark Burgett, Minneapolis, MN