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28 Day Yoga Exercise Plan Book

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Richard Hittleman is the great communicator of American yoga. He has introduced millions to this ancient eastern practice in ways and words that we can easily understand and assimilate. The 28 Day Yoga Exercise Program is at once simple and brilliant. Hittleman takes the most important yoga poses and orders them into three half hour sessions and he gives us beginning, intermediate and advanced versions of each pose, so we can progress as our bodies become more supple. He also introduces yogic breath, philosophy and concentration exercises that will help us to relax and advance in the practice. There is no better way to go from being a novice to a knowledgeable yoga practitioner in just half an hour a day for 28 days than to use this book as a guide. For those returning to yoga after a long lay off, this book is invaluable in helping you to pace yourself, to be able to really see your own progress and to advance rapidly toward former states of fitness and agility. The trade paperback version is larger, making it easier to see the poses and easier to lay the book flat for use while practicing, especially nice for home use and gifts. The pocket book is smaller making it less expensive and more portable, especially nice for travel and general reference. The suggested companion poster is the beginner/intermediate course chart.