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Green Yoga Book

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Green Yoga, is tough love at its best. We are consuming, polluting and basically destroying our planet and we in America worst of all. This book lays out clearly how bad the problem is and challenges all of us, and yogis in particular, to make the changes necessary to reverse this trend. I look forward to this ethos taking hold throughout the yoga community. I remember, 30 years ago, when doing yoga marked you as an oddball. Similarly, today many of the prescriptions for living in this book will seem "too extreme". I hope I will live long enough to see them become as popular or moreso than yoga is today. This book is a call to a new Yoga Life Style. I hope we as a community and a world can embrace it in time. High Praise for Green Yoga : “ My heart was bleeding when reading Green Yoga. I pray that everyone will read this book and start to serve Mother Earth, so that she may survive. I hope that at least Yoga practitioners, who have faith in the evolution of humankind, make it their mission to bring about the necessary transformation.” - B. K. S. Iyengar "This is the perfect book for yoga teacher training programs. I wish that every yoga center in the world would purchase Green Yoga for each of their students, in honor of Earth Day and all year around!" -Suza Francina, former mayor of Ojai (California), spokesperson for sustainable lifestyles, certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. "Concise and clear, this is an invaluable book for those who want to add Green to their yoga path." - Prof. Alan Drengson, editor of The Trumpeter and Ecoforestry. "We live in the midst of an unprecedented ecological crisis in which the fate of our entire planet hangs in the balance. The philosophy of Yoga, with its reverence for all life and its recognition of universal consciousness as the root of all existence, provides us with the spiritual wisdom that can help us solve this problem in a conclusive and enduring manner. Unfortunately, most modern Yoga practitioners approach Yoga mainly as a physical or personal discipline and do not look into its ecological relevance and help unfold its transformative power for the benefit of the planet as a whole. Georg and Brenda Feuerstein provide a call, an inspiration and a blueprint how to bring the insight and energy of Yoga to help us deal with this looming ecological crisis. Their book Green Yoga reflects what is likely to become one of the most important movements in modern Yoga that can only grow dramatically in the crucial years to come. The book is significant not only for all those who practice Yoga but also for all those who value ecology and are concerned for the future of the Earth." - David Frawley, director of the American Institute of Vedic Studies.