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The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook Book

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I think there are a lot of people who find that one of the last things they give up on the way to becoming vegan is the dairy. I know I wish I had this cookbook back then. Joanne Stepaniak is a genius in coming up with all kinds of cheese substitutes you make from scratch, that taste great! Some are more like the real thing than others but they are all very good. Here are some examples of recipes in the book Crock Cheez, Besto Pesto, Hot Parmesan Artichoke Dip, Quick and Easy Alfredo Sauce, Nacho Cheez Sauce and Dip, Amazing Mac 'N Cheez Sauce. Not having had many of these things in decades, my mouth waters just writing the words and believe me, eating the food made with these great recipes is very satisfying. Here's some more. Chedda Fondue, Florentine Ricotta Pie, Blintzes, Instant Mini Pizzas and Gooey Grilled Cheese. Plus for those who just like to cut a piece off a block of cheese and put it on a cracker there are recipes for Swiss, Gouda, Colby, Mozzarella, Muenster, Monterey Jack and Brie substitutes. There are salads, tortillas, calzones, souffles, kugels and all kinds of great things. If you like cheese dishes this book is sure to become an instant favorite. High Praise for The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook by Jo Stepaniak: " Jo Stepaniak has made an indelible mark on vegan cuisine with her revolutionary approach to recreating our favorite cheese dishes. Whether you crave the comfort of our traditional favorites or seek a new and exciting idea for entertaining, you'll find yourself turning again and again to The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook." - Louise Hagler, author, Tofu Cookery, Tofu Quick & Easy " Milk is one of the most common food allergens, and dairy products are suspected of contributing to iron deficiency, cancer, cataracts, and diabetes. If you're concerned that going dairy-free will mean deprivation, the recipes in The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook will surprise and delight you. Jo has a wonderful genius for making recipes that are so delicious and healthful, we never miss what we've left behind." - Neal Barnard, M.D., Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine "One of the most important changes we can make to increase our chances for a long, healthy life is to reduce or eliminate animal proteins from our diets, especially dairy protein. In this book you will find some of the most elegant, economical, and beneficial ways to do just that." - T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry, Cornell University