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Anusara Yoga Essentials CD

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Anusara Yoga Essentials with John Friend is a complete, well rounded, one-hour class suited for any level of yoga practitioner. In it master teacher John Friend presents a wide range of postures while callling the student to experience yoga as a spiritual art. This CD represents the essential spirit of the heart-opening practice of Anusara Yoga. A complete list of poses taught on the CD appears after the pricing information. Anusara Yoga 101 with John Friend CD is also available on this site, as are other Anusara resources, including a poster, books and DVDs. John Friend is the world renowned founder of Anusara Yoga. He has practiced a variety of hatha yoga styles since the early 70's. Using his great warmth and humor, he blends a teaching style that inspires students to live each moment from the heart with his detailed prescriptions for how to do the postures. In 1997 John founded Anusara Yoga to promote his unique vision and it is growing throughout the US, UK, Europe, Asia and Australia. Poses of Anusara Yoga Essentials 1 Centering 2 Child's Pose 3 Downward Facing Dog 4 Standing Forward Bend 5 Shoulder Openers 6 Sun Salutations 7 Side Angle Standing Pose 8 Triangle Pose 9 Half Moon Pose 10 Intense Standing Hamstring Stretch 11 Pigeon Pose 12 East Side Stretch 13 Bridge Pose 14 Supine Leg Stretch 15 Sitting Forward Bend 16 Sitting Wide Angle Pose 17 Sitting Twist 18 Half Spinal Twist 19 Supine Spinal Twist 20 Final Relaxation