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The Flowering of Human Consciousness CD

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When Eckhart Tolle, best selling author, lecturer and teacher is asked why people throng to seek his advice? "They don't come to be with me,"he says, " They come to be with themselves, to be themselves more fully." In this profound statement lies the force behind The Flowering of Human Consciousness, Eckhart Tolle's hopeful news of a universal awakening for the human species, what he calls the "one thing of absolute importance ... the deeper purpose of our lives." On this 3 CD set, Eckhart Tolle invites listeners to unfold the miraculous state of "presence" they always carry within, our original way of being that is free from the relentless thoughts, fears, and ambitions created by the ego. From using the "inner body" to put an end to stress and suffering ... to insights into the nature of the "pain-body" and its role in relationship ... to accessing a creativity and intelligence far greater than the mind ... here is Eckhart Tolle's depiction of "a new world" that awaits us as we take the next step in our collective evolution, The Flowering of Human Consciousness.